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Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
. he arrived yesterday in new york city. the first thing he did, he went to sit down not with world leaders but with the ladies of the view. the president will not be sitting down with any world leaders during the u.n. which is extremely rare. last year he had 13 meetings. so critics are accusing the president of putting his reelection efforts ahead of diplomacy but jed white house spokesman jay carney said the president is hosting two receptions for world leaders during the unand he speaks with them on the phone all the time. >> the fact of the matter is the president does not wait for an annual meeting to have consultations with foreign leaders and they will continue. >> reporter: the. is expected to focus -- the president is expected to focus much of his speech today on this man iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. mr. obama will say the u.s. will do what it must to make sure iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon. this comes after ahmadinejad's speech yesterday at the u.n. in which he called israel -- [ no audio ] >> kristin fisher is live near the white house this morning. >
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
knew about the flooding problems in the city's bloomingdale neighborhood six years ago. now the people who live there want to know why nothing was done about it since then. this is what it looked like back in july after a bad storm. people had water and sewage flooding into their homes. after a hearing yesterday, residents said dc water knew about their problems there. now residents caught in the middle paying for repairs while the city investigates. >> some of the costs for the destruction of the common area, our condo association submitted a claim and it was rejected. they then rescinded the rejection but now they're saying we're waiting an investigation to see what's going on with the system. >> a massive project to upgrade the city's sewer system is not going to be done till 2025. >>> 6:05. jessica doyle is watching your money and your credit score. >> it may not be nearly as important as you think. why is that? >> well, it may not be exactly what you think because you may not really know what your credit score looks like. if you've gotten your credit score lately, it may not be th
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
'm not in the city or anything. that's a little bit terrifying. >> something's got to be done. i mean, it's definitely uncalled for and not okay. >> au sent an e-mail to students to alert them about the attacks. the university is asking the students to walk in groups and only in well-lit areas. >> 6:06 right now. today marks the tenth anniversary of the sniper killing spree. the first attack happened in a parking lot in wheaton, maryland. in all, ten people were killed, three others were wounded in a three-week stretch that terrified the d.c. region. police eventually arrested john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo for the shootings. they were both convicted. muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo, who was 17 at the time, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in virginia. >>> the penn quarter neighborhood in northwest washington is remembering a prominent local professor killed in a freak accident. police say rhett leverett was killed yesterday morning when a car jumped the curb when he was walking his dog. investigators say the driver of the car had a medic
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
gave the city a dis $1 -- $150,000 grant to get the equipment in order so they could start giving the breathalyzer tests again and that starts today. >>> we have a commuter alert now. another weekend, another mess on metro. starting tonight no service on the green line between branch avenue and southern avenue. it begins at 10:00 and goes through sunday night. shuttle buses will get you around where you need to go, but it will take an extra 40 minutes most likely to plan on that. another closure on the orange line. no service between vienna and east falls church. shuttle buses will be there as well. yes, again, another 40-minute delay. plan on that. expect delays on the red and yellow line, too, because they are single tracking in parts of those lines to get some repairs done. >>> coming up on 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money and where you put your money. >> a list of the best banks in the area. >> that's right. i know it's not going to surprise you that six out of ten consumers say they're unhappy with their financial institution. we talk about a lot of the problems tha
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
the umbrella for this afternoon. howard has the weather first straight ahead. >> when it comes to cities in america, we're number three as the third best city in america based on the economy, crime, education and leisure. the only cities above it, san francisco and seattle. >> arlington comes in at 27. baltimore 29th on the list. virginia beach and chesapeake, virginia make the top 50. >>> welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we've got patchy fog west of town. we may see a little sun early but look for clouds to rule today. by noon mostly cloudy, 67. with luck we'll crack into the low 70s. some staying in the upper 60s there. will be a few showers around for the afternoon commute, especially west of town. i'll be back in just a few minutes with the rest of the week's forecast. >>> traveling northbound on 395, you're slow coming past edsall road. takes you past duke street. the accident moved on to the right shoulder just before seminary road. also looks like some debris on the left side. notice how folks are jogging out of the left lane on to the shoulder in the same locati
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
center in southeast. renovation plans for the center began in 1989. the city is clearing the site. wal-mart will anchor a new shopping center there and it should be open by 2000 -- open by 2015. >>> metro begins looking interest its future today, far into the future. it's launching a campaign called momentum: the next generation of metro. the transit agency wants commuters to weigh in on how the transit system will change in the next 30 years and how it will shape our region. that will include the silver line to dulles airport and eventually the purple line across maryland. part of looking into the future will include how metro will solve the problems plaguing the system today. >>> time now 6:37. we have 68 degrees here in northwest washington. howard says another warm day coming your way. >> highs in the 80s with a chance of rain this evening is straight ahead. we'll take a look at the weekend. >> jessica is in the kitchen working on something there. >> any plans for the weekend? how about great beer and great food. i'll tell you where the fun is at. that's coming up next. you are wat
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6